So excited to collaborate with Laura McMullen of NerdWallet on this important topic. If you want money to be good to you, look at how you show up for money. Yep, that’s right… it all starts with you! What I love about this attitude adjustment is that it’s something you can start to do immediately, without even having to pick up a calculator. If you want to change your finances, there are some intangible and tangible steps to take that really will shift things. Adjusting your mindset from one of frustration, indifference, or apathy is probably the most important first step. This simple shift can start you down a path that can change everything. The goal is to get into a “flow” and trust around money. By flow I mean an acceptance that money comes in and money goes out. When you are kind, patient, and curious, something begins to change. (And btw, this applies to your relationship with yourself too!) When you then begin to take responsible action steps… look out! Throw in a heap of daily gratitude and trust that you are taken care of as you continue to take each responsible action step, one at a time.

But I digress! Here’s the link. I’d love to know how this slight shift changes things for you!