I consider (3) things to form the foundation of 99% of people’s money plan…and the reason is because without these 3 things, your financial situation can take a turn for the worse in the blink of an eye, and in some cases, even lead to bankruptcy. They are:

1. Having an adequate stash of cash in the bank (aka emergency fund)

When an unexpected situation happens and you need cash (suddenly your transmission implodes and you need a new car, or you unexpectedly end up in the hospital and you have a $5000 insurance deductible (um, both of these have happened to me) you want a well to go to, and you don’t want that well to be a credit card – NOT a good contingency plan. If you can’t seem to make this happen, I can help.

2. Having an appropriate health insurance policy in place

Being a Colorado-licensed health insurance broker and Certified on the Connect for Health Colorado Health Insurance Marketplace, and having recently myself experienced my first hospital stay and surgery ($80,000+ in medical expenses), I cannot overstate the importance of having appropriate health insurance for your personal situation. If you want to get the medical treatment you need if and when you need it, and want to avoid possible bankruptcy, this is a vital and foundational piece of your plan. I can review your existing coverage, and/or help you shop for a new plan if you live in Colorado. I work with Kaiser Permanente, Colorado Choice, Cigna, Bright Health, and Anthem.  I can also help with short term, travel, and international insurance (for extended, out-of-the-country stays).

3. Having appropriate life insurance if applicable to your situation

What does this mean? Not everyone needs life insurance (often single people without children), but some people REALLY need it (usually partnered people with and without children).

powerfull (power.full) (adj) – complete and great ability to accomplish whatever is needed; full of force

I can give you a free life insurance analysis and help you purchase a low cost policy that is appropriate for your situation…it’s probably cheaper than you think to protect your loved ones.

Don’t put off these important to-do’s. Contact me here if you need help with health insurance and/or life insurance. I’ll be in touch within 1 business day so we can get it done!

What does it cost for help with life insurance or health insurance?

The short answer: it doesn’t cost anything for my help.

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