Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it is lovely to be quoted in this NerdWallet article about budgeting apps for couples – as you may know, having a spending plan and using a budgeting app are a couple of my favorite topics! And what BETTER gift could you give your significant other, or YOURSELF, than taking a step to get on the same ‘money’ page? (I can’t think of one!)

As everyone knows, money is the main thing that couples fight about. We all have a relationship with money, and when you add in another person, that relationship gets complicated quickly, because they have their own relationship with money. The remedy is always to clean up things on your side. If you are single or in a couple, it’s important to focus on your own personal relationship with money.

Do you ignore your money? Do you internally fight with money? Are you scared of money? I’m all about changing how you relate to money so that you and your money can be on the same team. I hope to be diving in to this topic later this year, but for now, one of the fastest ways to give your money more love is to understand how it is leaving you… by using a budgeting app! Awareness is an amazing and life-changing first step. Tracking your spending forces you to pay attention, and for couples, gives you a truthful foundation from which to launch conversations about money.

It’s really pretty simple: give your money some love. Treat your money well, and money will treat you well! As always, please be in touch if I can help.

(Note that the article I am quoted in does not mention my favorite budgeting app for couples or singles, which is youneedabudget, but that doesn’t diminish its greatness!)