Thank you for reading my very sporadic posts! Sporadic because… I am not a robot and don’t post things to a blog monthly and automatically because I’m “supposed to” and it’s better for my SEO.  I only write articles when I receive inspiration to do so… which happened this morning!

And also because I have this super cute picture of my newest client Ralphie digging in to YouNeedaBudget.

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I couldn’t share my passion and gift without you, so THANK YOU!

What is a Fiduciary and Am I One?

I’ve been getting this question more and more lately and I’m so happy about it — it means that people are becoming educated about getting the best financial advice for themselves — as opposed to being sold products under the guise of financial advice.

Merriam Webster defines a fiduciary as: someone who is acts in the best interest of others. In other words, putting the client’s interests first and foremost.

Am I a fiduciary?  Yes, I would call myself a bleeding-heart fiduciary.  I think I want what’s best for my clients even more than my clients sometimes!  A good sign to know that you’re dealing with someone who is a fiduciary is when you understand exactly how that person is getting paid.  If someone is trying to sell you a product, don’t be afraid to ask them how they get paid.  If they hem and haw and/or it’s not clear, that’s a red flag.

Thanks for reading and as always, please don’t be a stranger if you need help.  Hope to see you soon and/or see you online!