Q: I know you are a financial planner, but what exactly do you do and do I need one, or is this something for when you’re retired?

A: I hear this question a lot! I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, which means I went through a fairly intense course of study on the topics of cash flow management, taxation, investments, insurance (property, life, health, disability, liability), retirement planning, and estate planning. Basically most every area of your life that has to do with money. Then I took a crazy hard 2 day certification exam (that I’m glad I never have to take again!), and had the opportunity to work for a Fortune 100 financial services company, literally creating THOUSANDS of financial plans – the clients were from all over the country – and have seen it all! I also have training in what is called “life planning” – which is the merging of your values and life goals with your money.

The younger you can start being on top of your finances, the better. And it can be hard to go it alone, as things are complicated. It is DEFINITELY not just for older people – in fact, many of those thousands of plans I worked on were for retired people and at that point, if things don’t look good it’s really too late to do much about it.

When you work with a planner, we work on all aspects of your finances (the ones I mentioned earlier), together we draw up a plan, and together we take action over time. Consider me your personal CFO… I encourage my clients that whenever ANY money question arises, they call me.

The reason I started Moneyfull is because I am passionate about working with women in their working years, who have been underserved by my industry. This is because many financial planners make their money by charging 1% of the client’s assets as a fee. There’s nothing wrong with this… if someone has $500k, the planner charges $5000/year. So you can see why they might not want to work with someone who only has $50,000 (or nothing!) saved. My fees are paid from your income, so the amount of assets you have doesn’t preclude you from being a client. I am passionate about helping you design a life where your money really works for you and with you, and helping you build wealth.

Please be in touch if you want help achieving YOUR money goals! Please send your questions to: dearaddie@moneyfull.com.