Q: I make pretty good money but I have no idea where it goes! I really don’t feel like I need to be on a budget per se, but sometimes I feel guilty when I go shopping, as in: I have no idea whether its okay to buy something that I want.  Do you have any suggestions on how to just enjoy your money?

A: Thanks for your question. Just like it can be hard to get around town without a navigational system, it’s really hard to know where you stand with your money when you don’t have a plan.  This is the whole foundation of the work I do.  It all starts with your cash flow, and coming up with what I like to call a spending plan. This is not about not having any fun, but about being intentional with where your money is going.  What I love about having a spending plan is that it actually gives you great peace of mind, way less worry, and no guilt or questioning when you go shopping!  So you can enjoy your money. If you want some help designing and implementing your spending plan, I’d love to help!

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